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"Lipo In A Bottle"

Consultation Required

Liquid lipo or lipo dissolve and/or mesotherapy is when a natural compound solution called Phosphatidylcholine Deoxycholate (PCDC) is injected into areas with submental fat (stubborn fat). PCDC injections target stubborn fat areas, killing the fat cells. The fat cells dissolve and are excreted by the kidneys and intestines.


Treatment Areas: Chin (Double chin), Bra Roll, back of arms, Abdomen, Love Handles, Inner Thighs, upper and lower back.


For best results, liquid lipo usually requires 3-5 sessions at four weeks between sessions. This is a great alternative for body contouring without any downtime. The treated area is numbed, and micro (extra small) needles are used for comfort.


**50% Deposit Required**


Consultation Required

Neuromodulators (Botox, Jeuveau, Xeomin, & Dysport) temporarily minimize fine lines and prevent wrinkles, giving you a youthful appearance.

Neurotoxins can be used for men and women. Results may last up to 4 months. Results vary. 

Studies show that Botox can treat some medical conditions, such as excessive underarm sweating and chronic migraines. 

Treatment Areas:

Forehead (Frontalis), Glabella (11 lines), Crows Feet, Lip Lines, and Lip Flip. 

$13 per unit

**50% Deposit Required**

Man Getting Botox
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