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What is Non-Surgical BBL with injectable fillers procedure?

Injections of filler into certain areas of the buttocks can achieve a more desired appearance. It is a non-invasive procedure involving using the most advanced cannula techniques with minimal side effects and less downtime as opposed to surgery. This non-surgical treatment gives you a fuller, lifted, and rounder appearance of the buttock. Our advanced cannula techniques will augment healthier skin by stimulating the body’s natural collagen and elastin. Treatment can take up to an hour and is usually completed with local anesthetic injections with little to no discomfort. During your consultation, your buttock shape will be examined to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the non-surgical butt lift procedure.

The Radiesse BBL treatment not only adds volume but also promotes collagen production for long-lasting effects. Hyperdiluted Radiesse is carefully injected into specific areas of the buttocks to achieve the desired volume and shape. Besides immediate volume and shape enhancement, the Radiesse solution stimulates collagen synthesis, leading to further enhancements in skin texture, volume, and shape.

Indications for a Brazilian Butt Lift Include:

  • Flattening or sagging of the buttocks

  • Dimples and cellulite of the buttocks

  • Narrow Or Sunken “Hip Dips”

Results and Recovery time:

The results of this treatment are long-lasting due to the natural body response to these injections. The results typically outlast those from other products like hyaluronic acid fillers. In numerous instances, the effects of the treatment can last between 18-24 months or longer with proper care, making Radiesse Butt Lift a superior non-surgical option for buttocks enhancement.


There is little downtime, which allows patients to return to their daily activities without surgery.

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